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8 year old, with an anterior crossbite small intervention

“De AquaCare geeft meer rust voor de patiënt en sneller overzicht voor jezelf tijdens de behandeling”
“I usually try to correct anterior crossbite with an upper orthodontic appliance with cantilever spring or screw and a posterior plane. In this case the parents could not afford an orthodontic appliance. They did not speak Dutch yet, since they just arrived from Syria. It was difficult to explain why it was important to treat this case. We adviced to use a spatula, but this did not work.” “The 42 and 41 were slightly protruded, on the lingual side I made a small occlusal stop so it worked as a slide for the 21 and she had no occlussion. I used the AquaCare to create a clean working space and a good bond.” “After two weeks we had a ‘no show‘ unfortunately. I saw the patient back after 4 weeks and with great result. This technique can only be used in specific cases.”
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