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It's time to take full control of your root canal preparations!

Door Christophe Verbanck

 “Retreatment, and taking over previously started root canal treatments with challenging extras take up more than 50% of our cases. Not having to switch between different kinds of file systems, and brands, and rethinking your every step, is both time savings, and reduces stress.” 

“In this case a fractured instrument blocked the Ml root canal because it got stuck in an isthmus, communicating with the middle mesial canal. Although, removal is always an option it can also lead to unnecessary weakening of the mesial root structure so bypassing was the treatment of choice. Thanks to the miniKUT system the taper could be kept to a bare minimum of 3% so no new blockage was created, and all 3 mesials were prepped over the full length, and to the desired apical size. Difference in taper can be seen between the mesial (3%) and distal (5%) preparation.” – Christophe Verbanck, Lovendo 

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 “In every case the miniKUT files used showed great handling, flexibility, and by far the best cutting efficiency until now with rotaries. At high speeds (500 to 900rpm) the files felt like they were going through butter, and almost no resistance is felt whatsoever. Even pre-bending is a possibility, and greatly appreciated when bypassing is needed or an abrupt curvature or intricacy is met. 

The system is so versatile it lets you choose both apical sizes, tapers, and the right amount of files to get to your desired result. All these features make this a great system compliant with todays desired minimal preparation outcomes, and respect to the original root canal anatomy.” 

 Extra files such as the MB2 shaper, orifice shaper, EZP negotiating files, and retreatment files complete the series to meet an Endodontists every day demand. Small and large canal pre-selected procedure packs make it more easy if you don’t want to plan your treatment to the very last detail. 

If you want to get to apex quickly, safely, efficiently, while preserving tooth structure, and clean, and fill these small shapes, you’ll definitely like PlanB Dental products, and the miniKUT system.