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Erik-Jan Muts - MP3 Tandartsen

Gespecialiseerd in esthetische, reconstructieve en restauratieve tandheelkunde.

case 1

Oude amalgaam vulling vervangen met nieuw composiet

1 – Pre-operative situation. The amalgam in tooth 15 was planned to be replaced with composite.

2 – After amalgam removal the 15 showed a big crack underneath the buccal cusp.

CoSil Case 3

3 – After preparation IDS was applied before impression taking.

4 – Temporization with temporary composite resin Luxatemp Star (DMG) and self-etching flowable Constic (DMG) for extra retention.

5 – After air-abrasion of the IDS with CoSil (Velopex) to get the best adhesion possible. 

CoSil Case 6

After final cementation

case 2

Air-abrasion met CoSil

1 – Initial situation large composites and a ceramic crown, large decay present.

2 – After air-abrasion of the IDS with CoSil

CoSil Case 2 3

3 – Final situation after adhesive cementation of the pressed lithium disilicate ceramics (GC).

4 – X-ray after treatment

4 – X-ray before treatment


“CoSil is a silica coated aluminium oxide powder that can be used for silicatization of (old) composite. This may improve the bond strength of the adhesive cementation of ceramics on IDS (immediate dentine sealing). In these cases the CoSil powder was used to active the IDS before cementation.”

Erik-Jan Muts, MP3 Tandartsen

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